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Investment Strategy

Wessex Investors is currently in the latter stages of completing a series of long-term development projects, in the South West of the UK.

The next phase of the business is to build upon our proven performance in planning and development, and establish a portfolio of high quality assets across a wider region which combine development opportunities with strong underlying investment characteristics.

Redevelopment and Conversion Strategy

A strategy to acquire assets that will provide an immediate income return, but that offer a realistic opportunity to provide 'out-performance' through fundamental change:

Assets with an income stream or the potential to generate an income stream during the business plan to mitigate risk and maximise return on equity

A situation where we can implement our development skills to effect a fundamental change through conversion or redevelopment

An individual business plan capable of execution within a target 3 years, maximum 5 years

Assets capable of supporting a meaningful senior debt facility to maximise return on equity

A project capable of delivering an 'institutional' asset with a minimum lot size of £10 million

Planning and Development

We will continue to implement our proven skills in the development sector, and particularly through partnerships with landowners and local authorities. These projects will typically have a lower initial equity requirement but will demand a high level of expertise and human resource over a longer term to deliver target returns, for example:

Brownfield mixed-use regeneration sites in partnerships with corporate or public sector landowners

An asset which requires a high degree of technical or planning expertise to unlock value through development. For example, the re-design of a flood mitigation strategy or the adoption of a less obvious planning strategy (both tactics successfully employed by Wessex)

A location where Wessex has an existing specific knowledge and expertise, or can source a competitive advantage

Land promotion opportunities – residential-led or mixed use


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